Annawan Police Department

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The Village of Annawan Police Department

200 North Meadow Lane, Suite 3

Annawan, Illinois  61234

Police Chief - Marty Burroughs


Emergency Number - 9-1-1

Department Number - (309) 935-6250

Fax - (309) 935-5544
Email -



Report Duplication Policy

Newly developed by the Annawan Police Department and the Village of Annawan is the Report Duplication Policy.  It will be from now on the policy of the Annawan Police Department that there will be a $5.00 for any request to duplicate any general or crash report.  There will be a $20.00 fee for any copy of an accident reconstruction report.  It is the discretion of the Chief of Police to charge up to $100.00 for any copies of an investigation report depending on the amount of materials required to be duplicated.  All requests for copies of police reports shall be in writing and mailed to the Annawan Police Department with a self addressed and stamped envelope included.  The written request should contain a report number and an approximate date the incident occurred.  The Annawan Police Department reserves the right to exclude any sensitive or confidential information and any information that may hinder an open investigation from the duplicated report.  These fees are allowed under statute 625 ILCS 5/11-416.


Sex Offenders Fee For Registration

It is the policy of the Annawan Police Department to charge the statutory fee of $20.00 for an initial registration of a sex offender and $10.00 for the annual renewal registration of a sex offender.  These fees are permissible under statute 730 ILCS 150/3.


Fingerprinting Policy

It is the policy of the Annawan Police Department to charge a statutory fee of $5.00 for fingerprinting.  These fees are allowed under statue 730 ILCS 150/3.


Solicitors Permit

Solicitors are required to obtain a permit from the Annawan Police Department.  The permit fee is $25.00 per day.  Solicitation can only occur between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  A fee of up to $750.00 per day will be enforced if a solicitor is without a permit.  Solicitors are not allowed to solicit where "No Solicitor" stickers have been placed.  If you have complaints, please contact the Annawan Police Department.  Licensing of peddlers/solicitors does not constitute endorsement of the product by the Village of Annawan.